Sometimes you walk by your bedroom and notice a lump under the blanket…

Some of you may remember how Birdy spent the first… year? of Bear’s life trying to murder her. I really worried about Bear-Bear’s safety, but she and M had a nice bond, so I didn’t want to rehome her (which would have meant dropping her off at a shelter, since I didn’t know anybody who would take her). Bear’s a little over two years old now, and she and Birdy are totally fine. If anything, Bear is aware that she’s the bigger one now and lords it over Birdy a little — I’ll often catch her “casually” lying at the top of the stairs, refusing to let Birdy come up. But, whereas Beany is usually upstairs with us most of the day, Birdy and Bear-Bear tend to hang out downstairs together. Not exactly next to one another, but in the general vicinity. So that all worked out.

Growing Up



So, M is making us scrambled eggs now (with help, of course), and F has moved into her own room. Both babies slept in my room but in their crib (with one side removed and attached to my bed), which made it easy for them to start sleeping in their rooms. Or at least it went well with M, and the first night was unremarkable with F.

I hesitated more with F — she wakes up a lot, but she’s not as noisy as M was. And now I know how fast the infant stage passes, and I’m not in a rush for it to be over. But I wanted the transition to be easy for F, and I felt like the time was right. As reluctant as I was to move her crib, as soon as it was out, I wasted no time transforming my room back into a livable space. Instead of a baby hovel with cardboard over the windows!

The cats are happy.

Beany Cat


Beany has been going outside a lot lately. Our cats are indoor cats, but a while back I was threatening to make them all live outside (they were peeing on the carpet — I’ve managed to stop that, though!). I speculated that, after a week of being on their own outside, Bear would have wandered off and found a new family to live with; Birdy would have withered away out of confusion; and we’d have to go looking for Beany — eventually we’d come across her in her new den in the woods, and she’d have a nice fire going to keep her warm. I don’t worry about Beany being outside. She comes back to the door when she’s ready to come in, and she’d never wander so far as to get anywhere near the road. She’s still an indoor cat 95% of the time, but she looks quite natural in the out-of-doors.