We’re Okay!

Sorry to have gone missing for so long. So much of my day is kid-focused, and that means that a lot of it isn’t mine to share. So I struggle to find the inspiration to post. I post a lot on Instagram, and I’m going to start sharing non-kid photos on my public account. You don’t need to have an Instagram account of your own to look at it, though if you do, certainly feel free to “follow” me! I’m going to look into how to get the Instagram posts to show up here automatically, too.

Most recently, I packed the girls up in suitcases, and we flew over to Scotland to visit Rob in his “new” house (he’s had it for a few years, actually). Those kids are troopers! They quickly adjusted to the time difference both ways, and they were stars with all the traveling. F hit 16mos while we were there — that’s her looming over a sleeping M in the last photo — and M will turn four next week. Has anybody ever noticed how quickly kids grow up? All those photos above are from Scotland, by the way.

We returned to leaves on the ground and a garden that had succumb to a hard frost. The chickens are all getting bigger (except the buff hens, who are going through a molt), and the dogs and cats are happy we’re home again. And I’m preparing for a new addition to the family — of the smaller-than-a-breadbox animal variety. I’ll leave you hanging in suspense as to what that could be, but they should be here before the end of the month.

I’ve been teaching myself to spin (yarn), and I recently had a chance to card wool from a fleece I cleaned, and I’m currently spinning that. It’s fun to learn a new skill, even though spinning feels like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy (while doing a couple of other things, besides). I’ve also been felting a fair bit recently, as well as dyeing various fibers. And I’ve tackled a big office (the bedroom we use as a home office, that is) reorganization in order to give myself more room to store all this stuff and sew, etc.

Okay, I’m off with my hammer now, to try to figure out how to make Instagram fit into the blog.

New Beginnings



Notice anything different about the ol’ blog? Yep, a different look (a little bit more straight-from-the-box to make life easier for me) — and I removed almost all the old posts. By next month, I’ll have been blogging for fifteen years. But I haven’t been ‘feeling it’ lately. A large part of that is because my life (the interesting bits of it, anyway) is 95% all-M-all-the-time, and I’m not comfortable sharing all the stories that really belong to her. Which leaves me at a loss for what to write here. At the same time, I’m not convinced I want to stop, either.

I realize that ‘the internet never forgets’, but there’s still a refreshing feeling about taking down all the old stuff (except for what people visit for most often: my zipper tutorial and the paper houses) and giving myself the freedom to post whatever without thinking about what’s come before. And it was nice to clear out a load of old files from the files on the server — it’s all backed up, of course!

Anyway, I don’t know how this change will affect how or what I post; I just wanted to give it a try.

In other new beginnings, our chickens FINALLY started laying eggs last week. It was later than I expected, and I’d given up on them laying at all this year, since it’s cold out now, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. But now we have eggs… some eggs. Every so often. They’re very good eggs, though!