Country Garden, Year One

In 2012, I had my final garden in the city and my first garden in the country. I built a couple of raised beds, filled them with top soil, and started growing. Nothing fancy. We have a big pile of pallets out in one of the fields, so I made a sort of boardwalk between/around the beds. I can’t remember why I did that, exactly, but I do remember the weeds growing up through the pallets! I started with a simple fence, and during the course of the summer, I put in a nicer wooden fence with a bigger footprint (21’x 28′) to prepare for the next year.

The biggest thing I learned from my first year of country gardening is that the weeds are TENACIOUS out here! They might supposedly be the same species, but the wide open spaces and country air have worked on them like steroids. I encountered stinging nettle for the first time (and “first hand” — ouch!) here, and the thistles have been slowly but determinedly been growing their army each year. We have a lot of lawn here, but I’d be curious to know what percentage is actually grass — much less than in a city yard, for sure. Our dandelion bloom in the spring is amazing!

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