Bunny Greens

One of the things I LOVE about bunnies is that they’re vegetarian. Everything they eat is really pleasant, and what comes out the other end is fairly inoffensive, too. They definitely score higher than the cats and dogs in that regard!

They eat hay and pellets and get a salad every morning. I try to give them three different kinds of greens — lettuce, kale, and bok choy are the staples, and I switch those up with some greens they’re not supposed to have quite as often (spinach, parsley, etc.). Basically whatever is good for them and the least expensive! I also bought a nice grow light to grow some of this stuff at home. So far, the leaf lettuce (cut-and-come-again varieties) is doing amazing. I cut the first harvest this morning and sowed another half tray, so that should be a good renewable source of greens soon. I repotted a few Cos lettuce plants this morning — also looking good, but growing more slowly than the leaf lettuce. My kale got off to a good start and then died, so I have to figure out what went wrong there. Too much light? Too wet? I’d really like to grow kale indoors for both the bunnies and ME, since it’s hard to find organic kale around here.

I also need to figure out the ideal conditions for growing cans of dog food. Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Bunny Greens

  1. I thought I was the only person on this earth that thought that about rabbits, lol,, I said that many times when we had pet rabbits,, their poop is so much more pleasant to clean up lol,,,,I think Kale may be one of those vegies that is a bit more difficult to grow indoors, I’m not sure but I say this because I know of someone else that had the same issue,,take care Anna, your bunnies and babies are lovely!

    1. You know, now that you mention that about kale, I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever started it indoors and transplanted outside. I think I tried once, and the seedlings died. But I’ve started it from seed outside with success every time. I wonder if, being a cold-weather veggie, it likes to have cold nights or something? The nursery manages to grow them in pots, so it must be possible!

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