Bunny Boys

We love our bunnies! They’re still a little shy, but that’s okay. They’re slowly warming up to us, and while it would be fun if they were super cuddly, I’m not too bothered if they decide to keep their distance most of the time. As long as I can groom them and collect the wool! The novelty hasn’t worn off for the girls yet, and M gets a kick out of feeding them a piece of kale and trying to get them to hold still for a pet.

Litter box training has gone amazingly well. There are always a scattering of droppings on their ground floor in the morning, but almost everything goes in their litter box — and they’ve not left a single wet patch anywhere outside the box. So now when they come out, they’re allowed access to the full family room. The photo of Birch and the doll’s stroller above gives you a good sense of how big they are. Like living Muppets!

They’re so curious about everything, especially the cats and dogs. That introduction/integration is something else that’s been much easier than I expected. It really helps that the bunnies are the biggest of the crowd! I’ve been cautious about Beany hanging out around the rabbits, but she seems to know her limits. If anything, I’ve gotten the sense that she wants the bunnies to play with her. I’ve still had to preemptively stop that, as cats and bunnies don’t really play the same way! But Bear-Bear loves to go in the bunnies’ house to sniff around, and they don’t even pause what they’re doing to keep an eye on her. Any time a rabbit hops toward one of the cats or dogs, it’s the cat or dog that suddenly gets nervous and has to move away!

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