We added two new members to the clan yesterday, a pair of young angora rabbits! I named them Birch and Aspen, as they’re hard to tell apart at a glance. (Both the photos above are Aspen, but Birch looks more or less the same.) They’re big boys!

I’ve wanted rabbits for years and years but, for some reason, have never made the plunge. But I’ve been thinking about having a small fiber farm for a while now, and getting two angora bunnies is like dipping my toe into those waters. I’ve done so much reading on what they need and rabbit behavior, etc — it’s hard to believe they’re finally here! And they’re so big and fluffy that it’s like watching two stuffed animals come to life.

I’m sure it will be a while before I collect enough wool to spin, but I’ll make sure to show you when I do!

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