Chickens, Chickens, Everywhere

Where did the last month go? We’ve been busy with chickens, among other things. I had been fretting about our rooster-to-hen ratio (the roosters get aggressive with the hens if there are too few hens to go around) — even with rehoming one of our roos to a friend’s flock who needed a leader, that still left me with Red and the two surprise boys from this spring’s chicks. And only eight girls. So when Rita went broody AGAIN, I quickly placed an order for some Black Sex-Link pullets. The breed is a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks, and the chicks can be told apart (male vs female) at hatching, based on feather color. Rita took right to her adopted babies and has been an excellent mother the past three weeks. They’re living in the mini-coop but come out during the day, so I’m hoping they’ll integrate into the rest of the flock fairly seamlessly.

What else? The garden is looking nice — the other day, we picked a load of cucumbers, the first few cherry tomatoes, and I dug up a small potato plant that had already died back. And the broccoli is ready for picking! Our second round of strawberries is ripening, but we’re fighting the slugs for them. The raspberries were amazing this year, but they’re more or less done now. I gave the girls a pail with raspberries the other day, and they fed them all to the chickens! I guess that’s how you know they’ve had their fill of berries for the season.

We picked up a set of the IKEA “Perler” beads (they’re a bit lighter weight than real Perler beads, but they’re also cheaper!), and M loves them. We sit together at the big table and work on them together, which I think is a big part of the draw. And I finished the floors downstairs! I still have a few bits to do (quarter-round in the girls’ rooms, painting the big window in the family room, gluing down transition strips), but the floors themselves are down, which is a big relief. They — along with painting all the trim white — really transformed the lower level. It feels so clean and fresh now!

6 thoughts on “Chickens, Chickens, Everywhere

  1. Hello!

    Concerned that all is well. Know that two small children, garden, chickens, house, etc. keeps you very busy but look forward to your posts and wonderful photos. Hope you are all healthy and happy. Take good care.


    Barbara Diane

  2. Hello,

    Concern that you are all well as have not seen a post for so long. Sending good wishes and hope to see more of your wonderful photos/posts soon. Take good care.


    Barbara Diane

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