New Dolly

I know a little girl who, according to her mom, was changing her dolls’ diapers and putting them to bed by the time she was eight months old. My girls are not like this! They’re both drawn to animals — M has always loved her Kitty Cat Doll, and both like little animal figures more than people or dolls. But you know what? I wanted to make a doll, so I made a doll! And M actually played with her for a half hour straight yesterday — or rather, we played with her together: I was her voice, and M talked to her and told her how the world works, since the doll had just been “born”.

I used the Waldorf method for making the doll’s head (not sure that it’s an official “Waldorf method”, but if you search for Waldorf doll tutorials, you’ll find lots of instructions out there), and her hair is made from alpaca yarn. I have sooo many lone skeins (or partial skeins) of yarn, and it turns out that dolls are the perfect project for them! I decided to knit her body, and I really like how it turned out. One aspect of crafting that I’ve come to appreciate as I’ve gotten older is that every new pattern can teach a new method, and I get to store those methods in my head for later. So I didn’t have a pattern for the knitted body, but I know how to shape a raglan top (her shoulder and arms), knit short rows (her bottom), create a gusset and kitchener stitch it closed (to start her legs), and how to increase and decrease in a way that’ll look nice and tidy (her feet). So it wound up being quite a fun little project, always moving on to the next part, since dolls are so small. I used the same knit fabric as her face for her arms, stuffed her with wool roving and put her together. Et voilà! And now I get to start on the part I really like — her clothes!

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