Day in the Life

I kept track of (most) everything we did today, so I could write a day-in-the-life type of post. I’m currently working on adding more rhythm to our days; right now, each day seems a little unpredictable in terms of what we will or won’t get done. But this is a fairly typical Saturday. M is three (and two-thirds) years old, and F is one.

4:30am — I woke up. I usually stay in bed with my laptop until the girls are awake. I check blogs, social media, etc.

6:00 — F woke up. Anything between 5:30-6:00 is normal for the girls, although SOMEtimes one of them will sleep a little later.

6:20 — This was one of those days. M was still asleep, so I let the dogs out and got F out of her bed. She doesn’t mind entertaining herself in her crib for a little while in the mornings, thankfully. We went upstairs with the dogs, and then I fed them and started getting our breakfast ready.

6:30 — M woke up and came upstairs. She has an “OK to Wake” clock that lights up at 6:05am, and it stays lit up for half an hour. So if it’s on when she wakes up, she’ll get herself out of bed. She loves to come find me and say, “Good morning, Mommy!” — I can tell she feels so grown up. We all ate breakfast: bagels with cheese for M and I, squishy + cereal bar + cheese for F (she almost always has squishy + cereal bar + protein for breakfast because it’s convenient).

6:45 — I worked on some knitting while the girls played. Post-breakfast is their best time for independent play, so I often try to get some tidying done, but I was lazy today.

7:30 — We headed outside, let the chickens out, and wandered around for a while. It was mild and sunny, but everything was wet from rain and dew, so F wanted me to carry her most of the time. We inspected the garden and found that most of our seeds have come up: lettuce, beans, and corn.

8:15 — Back inside, and into the bath for everybody.

9:00 — F’s morning nap. M played iPad upstairs while I rocked F to sleep.

9:10 — While F napped, I grabbed photos off my camera and tried to figure out how to get the wifi SD card’s app to work on my laptop. M play iPad for a while and then played on her own.

10:30 — F woke up, so we went down to get her, and M wanted to stay downstairs and play. I played with them in M’s room and also hopped outside quick to turn on the hose to fill the wading pool (so it would warm up in the sun).

11:00 — We went back upstairs, and the girls played together while I tidied the kitchen and started lunch. I think M watched an episode of Paw Patrol, but I forgot to write in down.

11:30 — Lunch. We usually eat at 12:00, but F was hungry today and kept pestering me for food. We had eggs, potatoes, and avocado. M also had raw broccoli because it’s something she’s into right now.

12:00pm — The girls played while I worked on some knitting and watched Friday’s Late Show.

12:45 — We went outside to play in the pool. Lots of fun! It was sunnier and hotter than I was expecting today.

1:40 — F’s afternoon nap. After I got her in her crib, M and I had a snack and then went back outside to keep playing in the pool. It started to get cloudy and then windy, so we dumped the pool and put it back in the garage.

2:30 — M and I sat on the sofa in the living room and played with the new doll.

3:00 — F woke up, so I brought her upstairs with us. We played together on the floor. Wrestling, tickling, etc.

3:30 — M watched an episode of My Little Pony and I played with F a bit more.

4:20 — I started making dinner (F was looking for food even after I gave her a squishy as a snack).

4:40 — Usually dinner is at 5:00, but I guess we were on an early schedule today. I made veggie “chicken” nuggets and a quesadilla and green beans — F had some of each, M had quesadilla and beans and chips, and I had a veggie wrap with the nuggets, chips, and beans.

5:00 — The girls wandered off to play, so I watched a TV show and then played with them on the floor.

6:00 — We had pudding. Or I had pudding — I asked M if she wanted banana on hers, and she said, “I want JUST banana.” F had some graham crackers. While F was safe in her high chair, I ran out quickly to put the chickens back in their coop.

6:10 — I was expecting printer cartridges in the mail today, so we walked out to the mailbox in the rain (M and I in raincoats, F in the stroller). No printer cartridges! But M liked playing in the rain.

6:25 — Back inside, playing together in M’s room until it was time to brush teeth and get F ready for bed.

7:00 — Rock F and put her in her crib. She doesn’t fall asleep right away at bedtime, but she’s happy to roll around until she does.

7:05 — After F is in bed, M and I read books in my bed until she falls asleep. Her “bedtime” is 8:00pm, as in that’s when I put her in her bed if she’s still not asleep. But she usually conks out while I read a chapter book. She was tired from playing outside today and is snoozing by 7:20, and so is F, in her crib. I move M to her bed and have the rest of the evening for internetting…

9:00pm — …until 9:00, which is when I go to sleep.

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