Growing, Changing

The weather has been here, there, and everywhere, but I feel like, overall, it’s been a pretty good spring. I just wish that F were older and could come explore the woods with M and I. I take M out while F is napping, but we can’t go very far before I lose the signal on the monitor. And the woods are too dense (with too many branches and twigs to duck under) to put F in the carrier. But she’ll probably be scrambling along with us next spring! She started walking at 10.5mos, so I reckon by the time she’s almost two years old, she’ll be climbing to the tops of trees!

Friends on Instagram have probably noticed that I’ve been exploring Waldorf methods/philosophies/projects. When M expressed an interest in fairies, I latched onto it — I don’t subscribe fully to any method except following the child’s interests and needs. Montessori seemed a great fit for her during her toddler years, and now as her imagination grows, a lot of the Waldorf “stuff” is really appealing. It’ll be interesting to see if F goes through the same phases or is more swayed by whatever big sister is into. Her birthday is next week (somehow!), and her little gifts are a good mix — the play silk and the little fairy (a decoration I made for her room) are more in the Waldorf category, while Schleich animals are a favorite of Montessori folks. We love our other Schleich farm animals, and F has started playing with them in the barn I made when M was little.

It’s interesting to see how M is drawn toward the magical as she gets a bit older. I don’t do Santa or the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc., and if you ask her if fairies are real, she’ll say no. But she also loves looking for fairy homes when we’re outside. It’s like she’s knowingly taking part in a suspension of disbelief because it’s fun. Which makes it fun for me. I just love watching her interests reveal themselves. And we’ve barely even begun with F’s!

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  1. I remember running around barefoot as a kid…now the idea of running along some of those areas makes my feet cringe–probably indicative that i need to run around barefoot more often.

    I recently experienced the joys of non-DEET/non-permethrin-based bug sprays. I used the Buzz Away Extreme brand while conducting wetland delineation surveys. My coworker used DEET. I had maybe 15 ticks total for the day (none latched on), while he had to have had well over 50; three of which had already latched on by the time he found them. Granted, i was wearing slippery quick-dry pants while he was wearing Carharts, but it was still rather impressive. At the beginning of the day, i wasn’t even getting nibbled at by the mosquitoes and blackflies. Without reapplication (it says to reapply every 3-4hrs), however, i had itchy welts on hands and neck by the end of the day. While not a full barrier, it’s convinced me that the natural plant oils/extracts are better than the jacket melting chemicals; which makes sense when you think that plants are constantly tweaking their make-up just like the insects and ticks.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! We’ve been enjoying how bug-free this spring has been, but I know they’re coming. When we ventured farther into the woods the other day, there was a LOT of flooded marsh-y land, so I can only guess how bad the mosquitoes will be…

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