The rhubarb seems pretty happy in its new home, although it always seems pretty happy in spring! It’s super pink this year, though. I need to start harvesting more of it. I thought my first use would be just stewing it down with a little sugar — quick and easy. And what better to have it with than cheesecake?

I didn’t want to make a full-sized cheesecake, and when I searched for a recipe that used only a pound of cream cheese, I came across this page. I used the first recipe on there, minus the sour cream topping. It was actually a little challenging finding an unfussy cheesecake recipe! Forget about water baths and leaving it in the oven with the door open for 2.5hrs, etc, etc. I don’t care if it cracks. Is it a cheesecake? Then it’s good enough! I made it in a small (7″?) springform pan, and it’s just the right size for us.

M likes it, too, although she prefers to pick hers up and eat it like it’s a slice of pizza! (Sidenote: She won’t eat pizza, though.)

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