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Another room down. I spent all of Wednesday (= all the hours my mom was here to watch the girls) prepping M’s room and all of Thursday putting down the new engineered hardwood. It’s quite a process. I had to move almost everything out of M’s room, pull up the carpet, pull up the pad (which requires scraping it off the glue at the edges), pry up the nail strips, use an oscillating multi-tool to saw off however many nail heads wouldn’t pry out of the concrete, use the same tool to cut the door jamb and molding to the appropriate height, sweep, vacuum, and then vacuum with the hand-held to get around the edges. Then wipe down the trim, tape it off, give it a few coats of white paint, and remove the tape. THEN I can finally start with putting down the new floors. It’s sort of an overwhelming amount of work, but it’s also really methodical and satisfying. Putting down the boards is actually kind of fun. I’m really glad I went with an engineered hardwood over a regular laminate with a set number of board patterns. I love opening a new box and seeing the different grains and colors of the boards.

I’m using this project as an excuse to drastically pare down on what we keep in each room. When I put F’s room back together, I moved back all the necessary furniture and then just a couple of toys. I want M’s room to be similarly minimalistic. (Though, in the photo above, I hadn’t finished moving furniture back into the room — it won’t be THAT bare!) It makes the rooms feel so much calmer, and toys actually get played with instead of just strewn around. It’s been much easier to remove everything from a room and then put back only what we love instead of standing in a full room and trying to decide what to take out. Some toys we’ll be selling at a garage sale (to get some $$ for our trip to South Dakota this summer!), but most of them are just boxed up, either to eventually rotate them back into the mix or to see whether or not they’re ever missed. It’s a nice change!

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  1. Beautiful! How did you learn to lay the floor? Did somebody teach you or are you self-taught. I would love to be handy in that way, but not sure I could teach myself.

    1. I just read up on it! I read several blog posts where DIY bloggers detailed their experience laying laminate floors (which is handy for picking up tips and tricks you won’t find it official instructions). And I carefully read everything that came with the boxes of flooring. It’s really not hard at all, although you do have to be able to visualize things and do some problem solving around the doors. I’ve been enjoying it!

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