Sunday Crafts

M and I broke out the watercolors on Mother’s Day. I was just playing around, which drew M over, and soon she was painting too. She painted a pink fairy (those little blue circles are its wings, and its head is floating above its body), a blue bird, and a blue flower. I love her pictures!

We also painted some little peg people. I painted seven of them in the Waldorf day-of-the-week colors, just in case we someday want to use them that way, although for now we’re just playing with them. (I started calling the green one Greeny, which of course led to the rest of them being called Orangey, Bluey, etc… I didn’t think about what would happen to our naming scheme when we got to the white one!). M painted the eighth one, and we named him Rainbow. I took the photo before I gave them a coat of beeswax polish, but they look really nice now. I never would have thought to use watercolors to paint wood, but that’s how M painted the fairies she made at Heartfelt. Such a nice look!

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