I opened the door to the chicks’ coop yesterday and let them mingle with the big chickens. When I put the chickens away in the evenings, the hens always parade through the usually-closed-off-barn (Red opts to go around outside and come in through the pop door, directly into the coop), so the two flocks have seen each other in passing. There wasn’t any fuss yesterday. A couple of the hens welcomed themselves into the chicks’ coop and settled into the nesting boxes — I guess chickens have good memories, as it’s been almost a year since they had access to this coop! The chicks weren’t sure what to think when they walked up the ramp and saw fluffy Rita in their bedroom. Anyway, I’m glad there hasn’t been any tussling between chicks and chickens. Next week is supposed to be rainy, so I think it’ll be time to move the chicks to the big coop and leave the run closed for a while.

I still haven’t planted anything but perennials. Yesterday, we planted some shasta daisies and strawberries that my aunt gave to M. I’ve got an order of strawberry plants coming (today!), which will go in the big garden, but we put M’s in the little flower garden out front. Last week, I found an old bird cage nailed to our “shack”, and it’s the perfect little fence to keep the chickens away from M’s strawberries.

I think it’s probably safe to get seeds and potatoes in the ground. I was ready almost a month ago, and then a real cold snap came through, and it was so rainy for a while. But it’s time to get going!

Yesterday’s egg count: three.

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  1. This may sound a bit odd, but it IS related due to chickens being a good tick control strategy. What do you use for tick prevention/protection? I’ve heard of rose geranium and lemon eucalyptus oil being effective; the latter even having some published scientific papers on it.

    1. I don’t really do anything! I’m going to read up on both those things you mentioned, though. I do have some geranium essential oil — I wonder if that works? I usually put Frontline on the dogs and try to check them before they come in, if they’ve been out running. We wear tall boots most of the spring/fall, and I try to always take off my outdoor clothes when I come in — and do a quick tick check then. It’s harder with M because she doesn’t want to take the time to change clothes. But she’s suddenly really worried about ticks, so I think she’ll be more willing!

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