Garden Helper

We got some good gardening done today! My mail-order blueberry twigs and strawberry blips (ie, everything’s really small) arrived today, so we planted those, along with the potatoes and a few rows of onions. I have more onions to plant, but F naps for only so long!

M is always delighted to spend time outside. She likes the idea of helping in the garden, but not so much the reality of it. But we inspected some worms this morning and talked about keeping them covered with dirt and how lots of worms mean the soil is healthy. And in the afternoon, she just hung out and chatted with me while I planted the strawberries. I kept reminding her that she could go run around or play on her swing set (which is, not accidentally, right next to the garden), but she wanted to stay with me and watch. It was nice to have company! And, of course, once the hose came out, her desire to help came rushing back.

Egg count: Two.

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