Chickens and Ponies

No egg count today! The hens hadn’t laid any when I went it to check on them this morning, and it was so miserable outside (blustery and snowy/rainy — happy May Day!) that I didn’t let them out of their coop, so I didn’t go out again to collect eggs. I did spend some time socializing with the young roosters — trying to keep them friendly. The chicks are still in the small coop, but I brought Beatrice and Jellybean to the big coop to see what the grown chickens would make of them. (They weren’t sure what Beatrice was, if their alarm was anything to go by!) Assuming Eddie becomes head rooster of the younger flock, I’ll probably build a small bachelor pad for the other two boys. But Eddie has been aggressive with me for a while — charging the mesh sides of the brooder coop when I get close — and I don’t love that behavior. If he doesn’t shape up, I might not keep him, which could mean that the other two boys (Jellybean and Beatrice) would stay with the flock. Three roosters (including Red) for eight hens isn’t great, but it might work?

We went out in the brisk May weather to get some shopping done, and I let M pick out a toy. She’s all about ponies right now! I don’t think she’s seen more than a few minutes of My Little Pony, but she loves the toys. She’s spent the last hour jumping on a mattress on the floor with her new pony. Whatever keeps her busy! Now it’s time for us to read the last chapter of Little House in the Big Woods. Good night!

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