Another Rooster

Three eggs yesterday, one today. I caught Jellybean (above) crowing today. I mean, I was 95% sure he was a rooster, but I was still clinging to a shred of hope. I haven’t heard Beatrice crow, but I have no doubt that he’s a he, too. So three baby roosters and HOPEFULLY four pullets (young female chickens). I ordered only one roo, and I’m really not sure what I’ll wind up doing with two more. I don’t trust four roosters with eight hens in a coop (the roosters get aggressive with the hens when the ratio is that poor), so what — build a bachelor pad? Right now Beatrice and Jellybean are the friendliest of any of my chickens (young roosters often are, but Eddie is not!), but that might change as they mature. I’m not so sure the neighbors will want more of my roosters!

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