Baby Rooster

Little Beatrice. M is still adamant that we call him that, despite his almost-certain roosterness. Check out this little video clip of Eddie “crowing”. I could hardly believe it! Out of all our male chicks last summer (and they were ALL male), none of them crowed so early. They were all practically full-grown, and their crows sounded, you know, like actual rooster crows. This group of chicks has been feisty from the start, and Eddie is showing a lot of rooster behaviors already. When I fed them yesterday, he rushed over and started tidbitting (telling the others he had found good stuff to eat) in his little baby voice. He’ll even get between me and the other chicks when I visit. At least I know he’ll defend the flock when he grows up!

(Two eggs today. Rita’s not laying because she’s broody, so the other three must be taking turns having a day off.)

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