April Yuck

Two eggs today. And freezing rain. And snow! Which isn’t super unusual for Minnesota in April, but I don’t like the trickery involved — so many nice days, making me think we’re in the clear. There wasn’t any snow accumulation, but it still won’t be planting weather for a while yet. (In case you can’t tell, that’s frozen rain stuck to the bottom half of the windows.)

I’m reading Little House in the Big Woods (the first in the Little House on the Prairie series) to M right now. I’ve skipped some the parts about butchering meat… and how golden curls are prettier than “mud brown” hair… but we’ve been enjoying it, otherwise. I realized M really has been taking in the story when we looked at the icy snow out on the deck, and she declared it a “sugar snow”. Of course, she then started licking the window to see if it tasted like sugar. So she might have missed a couple important points there…

4 thoughts on “April Yuck

  1. We got some impressive rain yesterday…but it was still a bit balmy. Was a treat to return from England, and see the snow had retreated to next winter.

    Speaking of England and rainy days encouraging time inside, i picked up a few picture books. The lady and Waterstones directed me to “The Lion Inside” and “The Koala who Could” by Rachael Bright and Jim Field. They’re fun. I think i prefer “The Lion Inside”.

    Continuing the book thread, have you checked out allthewonders.com? I’m a sucker for children’s books so it’s entertaining.

    Good luck with the weather and chicks!

    1. We have The Lion Inside! Gorgeous illustrations. M gets nervous about the lion, though — but she has no problem with the roaring tiger in Never Tickle a Tiger (illustrated by one of my favorites, Marc Boutavant). Just clicked over to that website. It looks fun! Can’t wait to explore further!

  2. The Little House books were my favourites when I was little. I had to laugh about you leaving out the golden-versus-brown hair – I always thought this was strange when my mum read it to me, but for some reason I never equated it with my own brown hair! We have had crazy weather on the other side of the world to you too. Two cyclones, 800mm of rain in a month. Things are just starting to dry out and the weather boffins are predicting another deluge :/ Maybe I should buy a boat!

    1. Yikes! We’ve had some damp springs the past two or three years, I think. Nothing as dangerous as tornadoes (though Minnesota has plenty of those — luckily, they’ve missed our area), but enough rain that the dirt driveways become more like mud driveways!

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