Two eggs today, including one that had white speckles! It’s common for the brown eggs to have darker brown specks; I’ve heard it explained as the brown being color laid down over the white egg shell, and the darker speck are like “overspray” (though I can’t quite figure out how that works, as I assume there’s not actually an airbrush inside every hen). So white specks? That’s a new one for me!

The chicks are adjusting well to their little coop out in the barn (a halfway house until they’re big enough to go in with the rest of the chickens). They don’t usually hang out in the nesting boxes, but I opened the hatch up there to talk with Jellybean, and soon they’d all come up to see what was happening. I’m a little concerned that Sally (the buff chick above) has a bit of color to her comb, as does Tofu. (Veggie Bite and Poppy do not.) It would be really bad luck for four out of six supposed pullet chicks to turn out to be roos, but then it’s pretty bad luck for two out of the six, and I’m fairly confident that Beatrice and Jellybean are both boys. If I ever order chicks again, I might have to get a sex-linked breed (one with an obvious difference between male and female) to avoid this stage of not-knowing-ness.

We had one last nice day before an expected string of cold, rainy days, so M and I got out and enjoyed it. I’m usually fairly patient in spring (this is Minnesota, after all), but I want the weather to shape up, so I can get to planting!

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