Garden 2017, Part One

This is what I’m starting with this year. Not very inspiring, is it? And this is what it looked like AFTER a few hours of work! I had to drag out all the timbers (the borders of the old garden beds) and landscape fabric and tomato cages and other odds and ends. Pulled up the pavers. Raked out the dead weeds, long grass, and old plants. Then mowed it down as much as I could.

Yesterday, my parents brought over their tiller, and I created the new garden rows. Now I need to amend the soil and cover the rows with landscape fabric. It’s always so fiddly planting things through the fabric, but trying to keep the garden weed-free without it is much more annoying. The weeds out here are monsters! I’m trying to settle on a garden design that can stay the same year after year (ie, one that I’m happy with, one that’s easy to maintain), and I think simple rows might be the answer.

We (M and I) have lots of plans for the garden. I might be feeling slightly overambitious this year, but we’ll see what happens! M has ideas about what to grow (raspberries — easy, since they’re already in place!, potatoes, carrots), and she wants to “sit in chairs in the garden” and HELP. “I’ll say, ‘Can I help you?’ and you’ll say, ‘Sure!'”

With the garden looking so desolate at the moment, I’m trying to remember how quickly it turns lush once everything is in place. I mean, in just three months, it’ll be mid-July, and everything will be green and wild!

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