New Chicks!

The new babies are here! I ordered Easter Eggers from Cackle Hatchery — they hatched on Wednesday (the 15th) and arrived yesterday morning (the 17th). Our Buff Orpingtons were ordered through our local ag center during their chick days, so I didn’t really have to think about them being sent through the post (I’m not sure if they were, or if they were hatched more locally — but they came with a LOT of other chicks, either way). I was so nervous about these little guys going through the mail, but they arrived in perfect shape, looking very robust.

Including an extra girl, we got six female chicks (Sally, Beatrice, Poppy, Jellybean, Tofu, and Veggie Bite) and one male chick (Eddie). You can guess which ones M named. “Veggie bites” are what we call soy “chicken” nuggets, but of course she doesn’t know that they’re chicken substitutes. So Veggie Bite (and Tofu) are extra hilarious as chicken names.

Easter Eggers are basically mutts, so they come in lots of different colors. We have four light chicks and three dark (with variation among them), but you can’t really guess what adult feathering will look like, so that’ll be a fun surprise. M and I have been enjoying watching these little peeps, and once they’re a bit more settled in and less stressed from their travels (not that they appear stressed at all), we’ll be able to start playing with them!

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