Piano Girl

M recently started playing piano. I started by putting colored dots on some of the keys, just so they’d stand out to her. Then I realized I could write out some simple music by coloring the notes to match the dots. She took right to it!

I’ve been marveling at what a perfect activity this is for her age. There’s obvious preschool skills at work, like matching the colors and counting how many times a note is repeated — practicing stuff she’s already perfectly good at. But there are also pre-reading skills that didn’t occur to me until I was watching her at work. Learning to read left to right and starting on the first line before going on to the second, etc. And sort of subtle stuff, like being able to mentally keep her place in the music when she looks down at the keys.

She’s loving knowing this “secret code” (which is also just like reading!). She keeps asking me what other songs we can write down — or suggesting them, which is why she now has the first several bars of the Paw Patrol theme song. I’ve been reading back through the Happiness is here blog, and this post was up next this morning: The Importance of Sharing Your Passions. Perfect timing!

2 thoughts on “Piano Girl

  1. Such a lovely activity and a perfect segue into reading. I just love how intentional you are in your parenting, and how you observe your girls carefully and follow their lead.

    1. Thank you! One of the best parts of parenting so far has definitely been watching Maris’s interests pop up and being able to support them. Although she told me yesterday that she’s going to play a drum in the marching band… I might be a little less supportive of that!

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