It recently came to my attention that there are yogurts with >4% milk fat. I think 4% is pretty generally considered to be “whole milk” yogurt, and of course whole milk yogurt is 100x better than low- or non-fat yogurt — so how awesome must this fabled 8-10% yogurt be? In our small town, it’s really lucky to find 4% yogurt, never mind stuff that’s also gelatin-free AND in a flavor you actually want to eat (I’m looking at you, coffee-flavored Greek yogurt). AND organic? Keep dreaming!

So I pulled out my two 1970s Salton yogurt makers and got to work. I used five cups of whole milk and two cups of whipping cream, and I’m not certain I’m doing the math right, but I think that works out to ~12% milk fat. Yes, please! Making yogurt is a bit of a process, but not that complicated — you have to heat the milk up to 190˚F to re-pasteurize it, then cool it back down to 110˚F, stir in the starter culture (I always just use a small container of plain yogurt from the store, or ~6oz from a previous batch of homemade), then put it in the yogurt maker for 6-8hrs.

M “helped” me make this batch (i.e., she stirred the milk on the stove until she realized it wasn’t going to turn into yogurt RIGHT NOW), and she really likes “the yogurt WE made”. It’s delicious. I stir in a spoonful of strawberry jam, so it’s creamy and just sweet enough. When we tried the first cup, M declared it “really good” (after every bite), and F actually started crying when it was gone. Kid and baby approved!

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  1. I really love the idea of making yoghurt but I haven’t tried it yet, mostly because I can get some really good yoghurts at our supermarket. An interesting thing I learned when researching yoghurt making – you cannot make yoghurt starter yourself. I had thought I might be able to, like you make a sourdough starter, but apparently not. You either need to buy a starter or use some bought yoghurt. Makes you wonder how they did it back in the days before refrigeration – they must have kept yoghurt starters going for years, batch by batch! And I wonder how it first started?

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