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M finishing up two of her favorite foods: tofu and sweet potatoes. I want to say I was out of college before I’d even tried either of them. I can’t remember with tofu (I wasn’t a very “good” vegetarian in college, in terms of eating a complete and varied diet), and I certainly would have had access to sweet potatoes at holidays, but I was a pretty picky eater. So it’s funny to me that M loves them so much at age three. I’ve come to the conclusion, based on my own two girls and what friends have told me about their babies, that all kids like tofu. Mine would eat it every day! Tempeh, too, although that’s harder to find around here.

So I wonder what M will try for the first time in her twenties. Maybe a hamburger*, I guess!

*I don’t know many adults who were raised vegetarian, but I think all of the ones I’ve met have actually become vegan once they were grown. So maybe M will go all-lentil and wonder why I fed her so much cheese as a child.

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  1. I remember trying liver for the first time. I was still really little (either in the high chair, sans tray, or sitting on my knees at in the big chair) when i had it the first time. I put it in my mouth and it came back out and plopped on the plate. I remember being rather perplexed. So i decided maybe it needed more ketchup; put it back in my mouth, but it came right back out. So i got lots of mushrooms (since they were yummy) and covered the offending article and plopped it back in my mouth. This time i tried really hard to swallow it but it came right back up. My mom was rather exasperated with me, but didn’t make me try again.

    Though we DID have a fair bit of meat growing up, i feel like my mom was always big on salads and vegetables. I never really felt it was that hard to eat with the family after i went vegetarian (took me until i was 14 to realize i didn’t have to eat meat if i didn’t like it). Dairy-free was much trickier; my dad still doesn’t always remember (it’s been at least a dozen years–i miss cheese…). Gluten-free’s been the trickiest; especially adding to dairy-free. But i DO love my veggies; which i think my mom played a big role in. Her stir-fried green beans with balsamic vinegar, garlic, Cayenne, and pecans? yummm.

    1. Yum! I used to eat such a veggie-heavy diet, and then when I got pregnant with M, I had a vegetable aversion, and things never really returned back to normal after that. It’s not like I can’t stand them like when I was pregnant, but I also don’t crave them anymore. So sad! I want to have a lot of variety in our garden this year, and I’m hoping that that will spur M on to try some new things (she’s a typically picky 3yo when it comes to veggies).

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