We got a fun package yesterday! I had ordered a few things from Amazon — some Stockmar modeling beeswax, a candle-making kit, and a book about honeybees. We’re loving it all! We haven’t played with the modeling wax TOO much yet — I made that little bee in the photo, and that’s about it. But M asked to read the book last night and again tonight. She’s in a bit of a non-fiction phase! This book (along with her other current favorites, some books about body systems) are a little above her level, but I read the most interesting parts, and she’s just fascinated by it.

The beeswax candles have been a huge hit. I’m going to need to order more, soon! She’s the creative director (i.e., picks the colors), and I cut the wax and wick, get it started, and then she rolls them up. We made a bunch after breakfast today, and she kept thinking of more and more people whom she needed to make candles for. She’s also enjoyed watching the flame. (Or as she says, “We have to put the thing on top.”) The first candles we made weren’t very tall, so we got to see what happened when the wick ran out. Such a great reminder that so much is new to a little kid — and so much of it is fun!

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