On a Mission


F turned seven months old almost a week ago, and a few days before that, it was like she set out on a mission to Grow Up. Her two bottom teeth poked through, first. Then she went from refusing purées to eating, like, meals of table food. She often eats more than M did when M was a year old and surviving on real food alone. F’s interest in food quickly turned into a determination to master the pincer grasp. She’s still trying to perfect it, but she’s come a long way. It’s been amazing to see the idea pop into her head and to watch her actively work to make it happen.

She’s also been focussed on crawling, though she hasn’t quite gotten it yet. It’s hard to leave her sitting anywhere, because she immediately flips to her hands and knees to try to crawl away. And then winds up flopping around on her tummy. Soon, though. Then we’d better watch out!

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