Big Girls


Time is so funny, isn’t it? The entire time I was pregnant with F, it seemed so bizarre (in a good way) that she’d be nearly seven months old by Christmas. I’m not sure if that seemed significant because M was just little at her first Christmas (only two months old) or if it’s because Christmas always seems to come around so quickly, and how could I possibly have such an “old” baby by then? Anyway, it was a good “eyes on the prize” kind of thing to imagine while waiting for my due date and all during the newborn months. And now we’re almost there.

F started sitting up right after she turned five months old. Just like M, she began one week by being able to sit for only a few seconds, and by the end of the week, she was more or less rock solid. Maybe that’s just how babies are? I was really looking forward to F being able to sit on her own, because it’s easier for a sitting baby to play with toys and therefore to be content. As soon as she started doing it, though, I felt like she was growing up waaaay too fast. And now she’s able to hold herself in a crawling position, rocking back and forth a little. She’s going to be a (lovable) menace once she learns to crawl! M will have no idea what’s hit her — and I know I’m not ready!

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