Because M has an October birthday, she’ll be nearly five before she can start (public) preschool. Almost six by the time kindergarten starts. If she does, indeed, wind up going to public school. I’m still on the fence about homeschooling, mainly because it depends so much on M (and F). Her willingness and ability to learn from me, her desire to be in a regular class, etc, etc.

But, for now, we’re doing preschool at home. She’s a smart cookie and interested in everything — and we’re together at home, anyway, so we have to do SOMEthing. I bought a Timberdoodle curriculum, which has been a great leaping-off point. M got a little workbook-ed out early on, so we took a break from that stuff. Now I’m trying to let her choose more activities, which means sticker books! (Usborne makes great ones that actually teach her things.) Although she also chose her moveable alphabet today, and I helped her spell words while working on matching letters and their sounds. We looked at some big maps and talked about where various animals live (the most important part of geography, of course). And, while we colored in her new Paw Patrol book, we also did a few of its counting and “which one is different” activities. Not terribly strenuous stuff, but it’s fun to see how it all comes together for her.

One thought on “Preschool

  1. You are such a good mom! :<)

    Whatever decision you make will be the right one as you know your child best. What a wonderful area you have created for her – fun and learning! Wishing you a happy day – today is the day we choose our new president! :<)



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