Sometimes you walk by your bedroom and notice a lump under the blanket…

Some of you may remember how Birdy spent the first… year? of Bear’s life trying to murder her. I really worried about Bear-Bear’s safety, but she and M had a nice bond, so I didn’t want to rehome her (which would have meant dropping her off at a shelter, since I didn’t know anybody who would take her). Bear’s a little over two years old now, and she and Birdy are totally fine. If anything, Bear is aware that she’s the bigger one now and lords it over Birdy a little — I’ll often catch her “casually” lying at the top of the stairs, refusing to let Birdy come up. But, whereas Beany is usually upstairs with us most of the day, Birdy and Bear-Bear tend to hang out downstairs together. Not exactly next to one another, but in the general vicinity. So that all worked out.

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