M is Three




M turned three on Monday. Can you believe it? She’s still so little — I know I’ll look back at this age when she’s a tween and think, “She was just a baby!” — but she’s also becoming such a big kid. A year ago, she was JUST starting to talk. And last week, one of the preschool teachers (who we see when we go to ECFE) said she always forgets that M is just turning three because M is so verbal. She’s definitely become a chatterbox. It’s so interesting to find out what she remembers and the connections she draws between things now that she can verbalize it all.

I haven’t done parties for M except when she turned a year old; we had donuts for breakfast, lunch at a restaurant, and then my parents came over for presents and cake. M really remembered her second birthday, so she was very excited about this one. I had the dining area all decorated when she came up in the morning, and this year she had a special surprise — a mini bounce house! That’s been lots of fun already. M had told me she wanted a Daniel Tiger cake, and made Trolley. It was my first time using fondant, so I’m just glad she recognized it! She got a few Playmobil sets as presents, some Play-Doh, pajamas… lots of stuff, but I think all things that will get used / played with. She seemed excited about everything, at least!

2 thoughts on “M is Three

  1. Happy Birthday to M !!!!! Everything looks amazing and that bouncy house is wonderful! I cannot for the life of me believe how fast the time has flown,, three years, my gosh how your life has changed in the last few years, I have enjoyed reading your blog for so long,, a long time lol and I am so happy for you it brings tears to my eyes,, best wishes to you all and on more thing, there is always one more thing isn’t there lol,,
    you did n amazing job of that cake!! Well done!!!!la

  2. Anna, that’s amazing that your daughter is turning three! Time flies. And congratulations on your second child. I was so happy to hear the good news. How fortunate you are!

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