Apple Time




We usually get our apples from the local orchard this time of year. But I was able to get them even closer to home this time. When I brought over the guineas I’d hatched for our neighbors, they gave us two big bags of apples, straight off their trees! They’re pretty tart — perfect for baking — but M likes eating them just as they are. We peeled and sliced two gallon bags’ worth for the freezer. And I made some (very pink!) applesauce out of the crab-size apples we got.

We did the apples yesterday, and then I made tomato sauce today. That’s about as productive as I’ve been lately! We did start preschool-homeschool last week, which M is loving. I’m looking forward to this last third of the year. Apples, classes starting (early childhood class and gymnastics for M), and all those end-of-the-year holidays. Not looking forward to cold and flu season, though. Both girls are just getting over some junk they caught the week before last. M made it to 9mos before she ever caught a cold — F barely hit 3mos. That’s what happens when you’re a little sister, I guess!

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