Graham Crackers



These days, any time I manage to think of and execute a special project for M, I temporarily feel like Mom of the Year. She’s pretty happy doing her puzzles and playing with her pup toys most of the time, but I can tell she gets bored after a while. So a few days ago, we made these graham crackers. M loves using cookie cutters, but we really didn’t need any sugar cookies. The graham crackers are still fairly sweet, but at least there’s whole wheat flour in them?

I’ve been baking with M for quite a while now, and it’s amazing how much more capable she’s become in that time. She wanted to help with every step of the process this time, and she was really able to do a lot. Such a sense of accomplishment for her! And way more fun than watching another episode of Paw Patrol.

2 thoughts on “Graham Crackers

  1. Hello!

    M is growing so fast! I love the photos – what fun she had. How is the new little one doing – I am sure she is also growing fast! What does M think of having a sibling?

    Wishing you a happy weekend! It was so nice to see the new photos!


    Barbara Diane

    1. M is a good big sister! Obviously, it’s a big adjustment, but she’s very helpful and thinks F is cute and funny. I think she’ll be delighted when F becomes a little more interactive and can eventually play with her!

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