Baby F Is Here!


She’s here! Baby F made her entrance two days ago, on the afternoon of June 2nd. I woke up that morning with mild but distinct contractions, and when I called L&D, they said to wait until contractions were a minute long before heading in. So I did, but once things got going, they REALLY got going. The hospital is usually an hour away, but Rob drove like a superhero and got me there in record time. I was trying not to push as they wheeled me up to L&D, and the midwife had to sprint over from the clinic.

I was really looking forward to one of those “three pushes, and the baby was out!” type second deliveries, but I wound up pushing for about an hour and a quarter (still nothing compared to how long it took to push out M!). Afterward, the midwife said she was surprised/confused that I wasn’t doing a better job pushing the baby down, considering this was my second labor. But when the baby finally started to come out, she thought, “WHOA!” and understood — Baby F was 10lbs3oz! With a 15″ head! I had figured Baby Sister would be bigger than M, but I thought maybe 8lbs, perhaps 8lbs8oz — I would have been surprised by 9lbs. So I was REALLY surprised that she was over three pounds heavier! Same length (21.5″), though.

She’s perfectly healthy, and we were able to come home after 24hrs, thankfully. M says that Baby Sister is “sooo cute” and has been very gentle so far. We’ve got a long transition in front of us, but it’s off to a great start!

(Like with M, I won’t be writing out F’s name here or on Instagram, and I won’t be sharing more photos of her face here. But I know some of you have been waiting to meet her!)

13 thoughts on “Baby F Is Here!

  1. Oh how wonderful!

    I have been checking every day and now she is here! What a big girl! I am so happy for all of you and especially for you Mom – so wonderful! The long wait is over and she is beautiful! What happy chaos ahead – I can’t wait to see update photos/news!

    Wishing you all good things – I keep you in my prayers always.


    Barbara Diane

  2. Happy to hear! Crazy how many sizes they come it straight out of the oven. It’s good to hear such “mundane” delivery stories though. It seems like such a crazy thing these bodies are able to do. Looking forward to joining in the mayhem of the experience at some point. Here’s to little ones sleeping easy and lots of snuggles and cuddles all round.

  3. I have been thinking of you everyday, I am so glad she’s here and you’re both well, congratulations, best wishes to all.
    She is beautiful, and so BIG!!!!!

  4. Hi Anna, been following your blog for about 5 years now and I was so excited to read you were pregnant again!
    Congratulations on your daughter! Such a lovely name you have chosen!
    I’m due to give birth to my first soon- am 38 weeks today. She will also be a big baby! Hoping not to have to opt for the epidural but it might have to be an option. Did you have France’s without pain medicine? All my best wishes to you and your family xxx

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