5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. beautiful photos!!

    yes yes ,, I have been wondering!!!!!
    I wish you all the best,,
    your Mum and Dad must be so excited as well,,
    enjoy your days, the last time it will be just you and M,, you soon become three and your lives will be so different from now on,
    so exciting, I’m so happy for you,

  2. Yes, Laurie, we are very excited to meet this new little baby girl! Since Anna was our one and only, having a 2nd baby in the family is going to be a wonderful experience!!

  3. Wonderful photos as always! I have been checking to see if a new little one was on the scene – I keep you in my prayers and look forward to reading the announcement! Two is a whole new world from one – but you are such a great mother and have made such a loving home – it is going to be so much fun! “<)

    Wishing you a happy Memorial Day!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Hello again,

    Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers – waiting to hear baby news! :<) I hope that all is well and wishing you a good weekend!


    Barbara Diane

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