Beany Cat


Beany has been going outside a lot lately. Our cats are indoor cats, but a while back I was threatening to make them all live outside (they were peeing on the carpet — I’ve managed to stop that, though!). I speculated that, after a week of being on their own outside, Bear would have wandered off and found a new family to live with; Birdy would have withered away out of confusion; and we’d have to go looking for Beany — eventually we’d come across her in her new den in the woods, and she’d have a nice fire going to keep her warm. I don’t worry about Beany being outside. She comes back to the door when she’s ready to come in, and she’d never wander so far as to get anywhere near the road. She’s still an indoor cat 95% of the time, but she looks quite natural in the out-of-doors.

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    1. Sorry I went quiet for a while! M was sick, and then I caught it, and I’m still trying to get over it. No fun! We’ve been doing a lot of vegging out.

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