We found these blocks at the thrift store today. They’ve been well loved by somebody already, but that doesn’t stop M from loving them, too! We did quite a lot of building when we got back.

4 thoughts on “Blocks

  1. Hello,

    What a wonderful photo – it brought back so many memories of my three boys playing with a set just like these when they were young. They were a favorite their entire childhoods – they would create for hours. Cars and animals were a common accessory. :<) Wishing you a happy weekend and hope that you are feeling well.


    Barbara Diane

    1. Today I built a house/fortress for her pup figures, and M had a blast playing with it! My favorite part was seeing her take blocks from the fortress and move them around to get it all “just right”.

  2. wow, they look to be made from 2 X 4’s,, someone did put a lot of love in them,, looks to me like they are not finished being loved!!

    1. They’re actually Playskool brand — I looked at them and thought the same: “I could just make these with 2x4s!” But then I thought it would be even easier to just buy them and make sure they found a good home!

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