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1. We’re settling in for a rainy week now, but we had some spectacular weather the last several days. We cleaned the chicken coop (I say ‘we’, but M only took away the one child-sized wheelbarrow of old bedding — she was very proud of herself for pitching in, though, and so was I), and it was a perfect coop-cleaning temperature outside. I think it’s quite a narrow range where raking out dirty wood shavings feels fun.

2. On Saturday, we took two walks down to the rock pile. With Grandma in the morning, and in the afternoon, we met our new neighbors. They’re also expecting a baby in May! It’s so nice to be able to let M wear herself out outside again. She’s been falling asleep much more quickly at night!

3. I needed something bigger/better to put over the breaker box in Baby Sister’s room, so I made this yesterday. I masked off the letters with painters tape and then just kept painting until I was too bored to keep tweaking it. ‘I Will’ is one of the songs I sing to M most often, when she wants a real song.

4. Trying some furniture reorganization to get M’s clutter under control. There’s still a long way to go (I think it’s just time to box up more stuff that she no longer plays with), but at least this little reading area looks serene.

5. My challah got a little tall — this particular bread flour always rises just a little too high. It’s good, though!

6. I was going to put away M’s wooden blocks and Brio trains for a while, since she rarely plays with them, but then we played with them together this afternoon and had a nice time. I made some ‘garage’ stalls for her cars, but they somehow turned into bathrooms for these wooden animals, instead. Toddlers!

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