(Almost) Spring Chickens




If the chickens understood weather (and English), they’d be excited to hear that it’s going to be in the 40s and 50s for a while. I think they’re done with this winter business. At least a lot of the snow has melted, giving them a chance to pick through the grass for anything remotely edible.

Mister Chicken’s tail is growing in really nicely! I don’t know how much longer most of the feathers will get, but the curly ones are starting to show up, so he should have a good-looking tail when all is said and done. He’s been a pretty nice rooster, so far — when he roams around with the hens, he keeps an eye out for any threats, just like he should. He’s less adventurous / more cautious than the hens — when they’re way out across the yard, he’s usually hanging closer to the house. And he’s always tucked into bed as soon as the sun starts getting low. He would like to woo all the hens, but as you can see in that last photo, Rita (and Charlie, Aster, and Iris) have not yet fallen for his charms.

Laverne, on the other hand, is quite enamored. Mister Chicken doesn’t always immediately come out of the barn when I open everybody’s doors, so Laverne has taken to marching straight in there to see him. And she’s been laying her eggs in his coop. She still goes home to the hen house when the sun starts to set. Laverne was the one who seemed to have an injured leg last fall (she limped around for weeks — it’s fine now), so she got used to being left behind when the other hens would run after something. I wonder if that’s part of her attachment to Mister Chicken now — not having as strong a bond with the other hens. Or she’s just boy crazy. I’m happy that he’s got somebody who likes to spend time with him, though.

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