I probably should have put a warning at the very top of this post — is it safe to even look at this much gluten if you’ve got celiac disease? Clearly, we don’t avoid carbohydrates around here. I had a glut of eggs, so a couple batches of pasta were in order. I tried a half-whole-wheat recipe this time, using Sunrise Flour Mill’s refined and whole wheat flours. That, plus eggs from our hens, plus water from our well — the only thing that had to travel very far was the salt!

The rigatoni was VERY fun to make — I went from those little dough balls to a finished batch of noodles in about ten minutes. I was thinking I’d make a pan of baked ‘ziti’ using rigatoni, but the noodles might be too big. (There’s a ‘large macaroni’ plate for the press that should be a better size.) They’ll get eaten, though! The small macaroni is a pain to make (it all wants to stick together), but we really like it. A batch is about 1.5lbs, or about one and a half medium-sized boxes from the store. We still have 1/3 of a pan of macaroni and cheese in the freezer, but otherwise we’ve eaten all of the first batch of macaroni noodles! When I buy boxes of pasta, they sit in the pantry for a long time, but we really like these homemade noodles (which I freeze, so we don’t have to rush through them quite as quickly). I’d like to make minestrone and toss in some of this macaroni.

And while I was making pasta, my bread machine was working on the dough for baguettes. Something new to try! I just used Bob’s Red Mill artisan bread flour, since it never fails me. The baguettes needed minimal attention from me after the machine finished with the dough (which is good — the machine makes amazing bread, but I still doubt my ability to get it to rise properly outside the machine). The big baguette got slightly sunburnt on top, but it’s perfect inside. I took the two smaller loaves out sooner, so they’re just right. My plan is to slice them into little rounds and bake them at a low temperature to make Melba toasts. I’m trying to come up with snack-y cracker alternatives. M LOVES toast, especially the ‘crunchy part’ (the crusts), so I think she’ll get a kick out of thoroughly crunchy little toast-crackers!

5 thoughts on “Carbo-loading

  1. any way you could share the brand of your bread maker? Looking to purchase soon….also I am a fellow Minnesotan and stumbled upon your blog and have really enjoyed it! You are an amazing mom!

  2. The macaroni looks awesome! Yum.

    Did you use the baguette recipe from the bread machine book? I think my oven must be hotter than it reads, because for the second pair I turned down the heat to 450 and baked them for only 20 minutes instead of 30… and they turned out perfect! The first pair burned on the outside but the inside was fantastic. Really good with the goat cheese I managed to make last weekend. (Also, my captcha for this post was “choose all the images with pasta or noodles, ha!)

    1. Yep, that recipe. I’ve also wondered about the accuracy of my oven temperature — I should really get one of those thermometers for inside it. I think if I’d taken the big baguette out after 20min, it would have been fine. I know you want a hot oven to yet the bread to rise well, but 475 (or 470 or whatever it was) for 30min is a lot of heat!

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