While friends out east are dealing with feet of snow (I’m a little jealous, to be honest!), we’ve been having a mini warm-up — it got ABOVE FREEZING today! Not that I’m a huge fan of playing outside when it’s really cold, but M has a really difficult time with it. Even if she’s bundled up, very cold air makes her gasp, especially if there’s a breeze. So today’s weather — right around freezing, with almost no wind at all — was perfect for going out in.

She was delighted from the very start, since she loves her snow pants and snow boots and likes the idea of playing out in the snow. We went to bring water and food to Mister Chicken, and then we did the same for the hens. M hasn’t had a chance to chat with her chickens for quite a while! I had already let them out a few minutes earlier, so when M and I got back down there, only three were still in the coop.

‘Where’s Charlie?’ M asked. Then the other two came trundling through the snow, from under the deck.

‘There’s Charlie!’ she said and gave one of the chickens a pat. And it WAS Charlie! I have no idea if A) she’s realized they wear different colored leg bands (though I don’t think she could have seen that from a distance); B) it was a lucky guess; or C) she just knows the chickens so well that she can tell who is who at a glance. (I know was Laverne’s comb looks like, but otherwise they’re all pretty similar.) At any rate, Charlie would never deign to let ME pat her, but she went right up to M. My little chicken whisperer.

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