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I was very anti-Valentine’s-Day when I was a younger person, and I haven’t given it much of a thought one way or the other in recent years. But this year, I decided that I’d go all out and decorate the house. It’s the beauty of having a kid — you get to enjoy things because you know they will. I hung the first of those tissue paper pom-pons during M’s nap, and when she came upstairs, she was quite excited to see it and said, ‘Birthday to you!’ (since her birthday decorations were the first time she’d really seen the house decorated).

This morning, we made ‘stained glass’ hearts for the windows. I taped down a piece of clear contact paper (sticky side up) on the counter, and then M stuck down squares of tissue paper, red paper-hole-punch dots, and silver glitter. A lot of glitter. I tried to adjust the container so it wouldn’t come out very fast, but it could sense that it was in the hands of a toddler and went crazy. I was worried the finished product would be practically opaque from all the glitter, but it actually looks really good. I guess M knew what she was doing!

When she was done adding things (or, rather, after I pried the glitter out of her hands), I laid another sheet of contact film on top, sandwiching everything between the two sticky sides. I thought this might be the tricky step, but by unrolling only a little bit of the paper at a time, it was actually pretty easy, and it went down without any bubbles or wrinkles.

I think the best way to add a ‘frame’ around the outside would be to have two frames — one on each side — that are slightly bigger on the outside than the ‘stained glass’ shape you’ve cut out. That way, you could just glue the frames together around the edges, trapping the plastic part inside. (This would be a particularly good method if you want to hang them from a string instead of putting them on the window.) I thought I’d found a glue that would work with the plastic contact film, but it peeled right off once it was dry. So I just tacked the frame to the plastic in a few places, using clear tape. (You could also just staple them.)

Et voilà! I’d like to do an organized art project (vs just letting Maris paint on her own) nearly every day, and I’ve got lots of Valentine’s ideas — so we’re going to be up to our eyeballs in pink hearts for a while!

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    1. So true! It’s going to be amazing to see the two of them share holiday experiences — it will definitely double the fun for me, even if it more than doubles the work sometimes.

  1. Another way to do the frame is to cut out one that will fit inside the contact paper shape and overlap it. You then stick it onto the first side of the contact paper and then put the second piece of contact paper on top. If you want to hang it, you poke a hole through the triple-layer part which is sturdier and won’t tear as easily.

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