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1. When I went through M’s baby clothes, I found that a LOT of them had yellow stains around the collar. She wasn’t a spitty baby, but she was happy to let milk dribble out the sides of her mouth as she ate. I knew the clothes were a little discolored, but the stains got even darker while everything was stored away. I tried this method for getting them clean, and it worked! I let the mixture sit on the clothes for an hour, as instructed, but then I rinsed them in a hot bath before putting them in the wash — I didn’t think our washing machine would appreciate having to deal with almost a cup of dish soap! The plain white Gerber and Carter’s onesies didn’t come totally clean, and the mixture left discolored spots on two solid-colored items, but otherwise everything looks as good as new! Those milk stains came out, as did some red marks on a pair of pants (something they were washed with bled on them ages ago). But the mixture was less effective on people-food stains, sadly. Still! That’s a lot of clothes ‘saved’, including that Oilily romper on the top, which I thrifted for less than $1 before M was born.

2. An egg.

3. Which I thought looked like a car after I cracked it. M agreed.

4. Cheese ‘straws’ — like we really need another vehicle for cheese in this house. But M and I agree that they’re delicious!

5. Some of my homemade cleaners, with the ‘fancy’ labels I made for them. I finally have everything I need to make everything I want. Except essential oils — but then I think to myself, Do I care if this smells like oranges/lavender/whatever? Nope.

6. The Fortnum’s hamper this year came with a huge jar of honey, honeycomb included. It’s really cool, but I can’t figure out exactly how to get the honey out without winding up with beeswax in my food. I guess I could fish out the comb now and just try to let as much of the honey drain back into the jar as possible. I do want to try to clean and melt the comb, to save the beeswax for other things.

7. Homemade (home-laid) egg salad on a homemade croissant. So good!

8. It never got above 0˚F (-18˚C) this weekend, but at least it was beautifully sunny! The indoor pets loved it, and even though neither of the chicken coops (the hens’ or the rooster’s) is heated, at least the sun can come in through the windows.

9. These two (Bear and Nova) still wrestle all the time. Don’t let their positions fool you — Bear is definitely in charge. I mean, she weighs a LOT more than Nova! But the dogs used to let her be the ‘dominant’ one when she was just a little cotton ball, so now she returns the favor. Beany doesn’t have time for the kids’ antics.

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