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How do you like M’s Sparkle Truck? (Once I accidentally called it a ‘Sparkle Car’, and she patiently corrected me, like, Ugh, Mommy, it doesn’t even LOOK like a car.) We were at the store this weekend and found these stick-on gems, which obviously we HAD to get, so we looked for something to put them on. I suspected I’d be finding them stuck on EVERYthing if they didn’t have somewhere specific to go! So we got this little wooden truck, and she painted it — and then I had to dry it with a hair dryer because the sparkling process couldn’t wait.

I just thought it would be a fun thing for M to do, but it actually turned out to be a perfect exercise in manual dexterity. She had to hold the strip of gems in one hand and then use the other to carefully peel off the gem she wanted. And they’re quite small, so it took a lot of precision to get them the right way round and stick them on the truck. Toddlers aren’t exactly known for their patience, but M was totally absorbed and didn’t try to hurry things along. And she’s actually gone back a few times to add more gems — the truck is much more sparkly than when I took the photo!

2 thoughts on “Sparkle Truck

  1. Do you remember all the crafty things we did together while you were growing up? One of my favorite memories was getting something from Michael’s to paint and then sitting at the table with you painting and chatting away. Good memories. SO happy that Maris and you are making those too!! xo

  2. An artist in the making! Wonderful project – you two have such a great relationship! Wishing you more fun cold weather activities! And it is COLD in the part of WI. :<) Stay warm!


    Barbara Diane

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