2 thoughts on “M’s Beautiful Art

  1. its because of your wonderful parenting skill that M is able to express herself so freely, you provide her with so many experiences that so many children never have,, she is a very lucky girl, talent in children will find a way to come out but you encourage her and provide her with the tools and examples of instruction to encourage such growth,
    obviously a talented artist like her Mum,
    didn’t mean to get so deep on this topic but I firmly believe parents have the opportunity to guide their children in so many wonderful ways and yet so many just plunk them down with a toy or a book and walk away, or worse yet a video,, to teach children to use their imagination, supplying them with the tools to do so, is like securing everyone’s future, they need to use their imaginations, such a good mum you are,,

    1. Awww, thank you! I agree with everything you said. M watches her fair share of TV, of course! But I do love seeing her interests come out and have always hopped on them to encourage them however I can. It’s one of the best parts of getting to be a parent!

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