Birthday Day


I had a very lovely birthday, spent with M and my mom. M was quite excited about it this morning and kept saying, ‘Mommy’s birthday!’ At first, she guessed I was two (since that’s how old she turned on her birthday, of course), and when we told her I was older than that, she decided I must be three. So happy third birthday to me!

I made myself this chocolate angel food cake, although we just had plain (but fresh) whipped cream on the ‘side’ (top) instead of icing it with cocoa whipped cream. It was PERFECT! Lighter than a normal chocolate cake, but somehow more substantial than the usual angel food. I liked that the recipe called for a measurement of egg whites instead of a number of them, especially since I was using eggs my hens laid — I couldn’t really tell you what size they are. Medium, maybe? Some large? At any rate, it took TWELVE eggs to get the right measurement, but luckily I had EIGHTEEN eggs in the fridge. I do like having chickens!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Day

  1. Happy birthday! My nice celebrates hers today too. Looks like an amazing desert that would make me want to test my food issues against. 😉

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