We’ve got plenty of eggs! I was not expecting this in December. I’m planning to make a chocolate angel food cake for my birthday next week, and we’ve been eating them for breakfast a lot. Runny eggs are one of my personal pregnancy do-not-cross lines, so my poached eggs (pictured) the other day were more like hard-boiled ones. But M’s egg was perfect, and as you can see, they hold together really well during poaching.

Today is cold and blustery and snowy, so the chickens are staying in their coop. M and I made them a warm feast: oatmeal with zucchini and banana, topped with scrambled eggs and dill sprouts. They’re always so appreciative when they get fancy treats like this. They’re used to grazing all day long, not eating 100% chicken feed. M was very keen to help make the chickens’ meal — she cut up the banana and helped stir the eggs as they cooked. She loves those chickens and misses getting to play with them every day!

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