My spoiled chickens are doing pretty well in the egg department! When they hadn’t started laying by November, I was sure there wouldn’t be anything until the spring — our days are already pretty short, and they don’t have any electricity in their coop for a light. But I’ve been getting at least an egg a day lately, usually two or three. And five, once! So I guess we know that they’re all laying (and all in their coop, which is a relief). When I let them out this morning, Aster was hunkered in the corner of the coop, keeping her egg warm, but she didn’t seem to care when I stole it away.

I don’t know how late into winter they’ll keep up the egg laying, but at least for now, if we don’t eat eggs every day, I don’t have to buy any. And I was able to make brownies the other day with their eggs (the recipe called for two whole eggs and two extra yolks, so that’s not nothing). I hard-boiled them for the first time last night. You know the thing about older eggs being easy to peel? Well, the opposite is definitely true. The outsides weren’t so pretty to look at once I finally got the shells off, but they sure were delicious!

Now that there’s almost nothing for them to eat outside, I’ve started growing sprouts for them. They like their treats!

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