I made croissants! Well, my bread machine and I made croissants. I used the recipe that was in the book that came with my Zojirushi machine, and the ‘dough’ setting did all the kneading and the first two rises. Then I had to do the rolling, buttering, folding, repeat, repeat. I had it in my head that croissants were really difficult to make from scratch, but even with all that buttering, etc, my part didn’t take very long. The recipe is supposed to make twenty-four rolls (and you just throw away the scrap bits of dough at the edges!), but I made nine big ones and a few smaller ones with the leftover pieces of dough. I mean, I wasn’t making Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! I wanted real croissant-sized croissants.

The verdict? Croissants are totally doable! They came out perfectly flaky and layered. M stole one off the counter and gave rave reviews.

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