Ten Months

Happy double digits to M! She’s ten months old now — wow. The ease with which she gets around makes her seem so much older than just a month ago. She’s not just a little baby anymore; she’s nearly a toddler. It’s hard to believe that she’ll be an entire year old soon! Last August, I had my baby shower, and I still had no idea what M would be like when she finally arrived. Now I get to spend my days playing with the sweetest baby ever!

Size: M is around 19lbs and just over 28” long. Sometimes it seems like she’s got such long legs. But since she now spends a lot of time on her feet, cruising around the furniture, I can see that she’s still just a little shorty, really.

Likes and Dislikes: She LOVES being able to move around! I never thought I’d say that life gets easier once a baby starts crawling, but it’s true for us — just at the moment, at least. She’s so independent and content these days, since she can get to whatever she wants. She loves crawling over to the living room windows to look outside. I think she likes the combination of interesting sights and being able to stand up and move back and forth along the windows.

This isn’t new, but I have to say that she really seems to enjoy her carseat. There are times when that’s not 100% true — she’ll complain if we have to get back in the car after a long ride and not much of a break. But for the most part, she seems really happy to play with toys and practicing talking back there. If she gets sleepy, she easily falls asleep, and when she wakes up again, she goes right back to playing.

It’s hard to think of many dislikes for this month — she’s been EXTRA laid-back and happy. She has a little more stranger danger and definitely doesn’t like for strangers to hold her, but she’s not bothered by much if she’s in my arms. And once she has a chance to warm up to a person, she does fine.

Eating: Nothing has changed with M’s bottles, but she’s eating a bit more solid food these days. I’ve been making sure she eats oatmeal every day to get some extra iron. She’s gotten pretty tired of it now, so it’s a challenge to get that oatmeal into her. She seems to enjoy trying new foods, though, and there’s not much I can think of that she’s had a bad reaction to. She still occasionally has problems swallowing and will bring some food back up, but I’m giving her time to figure things out before assuming that it’s still a problem with the stricture.

Sleeping: The only thing that has changed with sleep is that she goes to bed at 7:00pm now. It seems to have helped the mornings a little — she’ll usually sleep until 5:30-6:00am. That’s not too bad! I rarely hear a peep out of her all night long, and even when she does wake up, she quickly gets herself back to sleep. She is just a dream baby when it comes to sleep these days. Naps are great, too!

Working On / Accomplishments: It’s been another big month! I think she would say that her mobility has been the biggest development. She crawls like a pro now, and she can pull up on furniture and cruise around. I sit on the floor while she plays a lot of the time, and she just does her own thing until she wants some cuddles (or wrestling), and then she comes right over to me. She’s been practicing standing up on her own with nothing to hold onto, and she can move around a room by going from a laundry basket to a dresser, etc. It makes me wonder how far off walking is! Generally, the way she moves her body seems so more controlled now than it did even a month ago. She sat down on her popcorn tin like a stool the other day, while looking at books. She did eventually fall off, but she sat there for quite a while — very cute!

M got three upper teeth this month. The front right one and both lateral incisors. I can’t see any sign of the front left tooth yet, which is funny. She hasn’t seemed too bothered by all the teeth, aside from lots of extra chewing.

Her language comprehension continues to grow. She know the ‘names’ of some of her toys, and she knows where to look when I ask her what’s happening outside or where her books are. She still doesn’t say any words, but she babbles a lot.

Other Stuff: We went to a big swimming pool this month, and we also got a little inflatable pool to play in at home. Just like with baths, she doesn’t do any splashing or specific goofing around, but she always seems to enjoy being in the water.

We did a bit of traveling this month (to Madison, WI right after she turned nine months old, and to St. Cloud last weekend), and she did great both times with the car rides and the change of routine and location. She’s my easy-going baby!

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4 Responses to Ten Months

  1. laurie says:

    and beautiful she is ,I really like her dress, its so light and summery, this ten months has flown by!

  2. Kara says:

    Congrats on 10 months! You and M sound wonderful together! I hope the good time and easy-going baby ways continue!

  3. Kathryn A. Wilson says:

    I just love all the updates on your little darling!! Hugs!!

  4. Laura K says:

    I’m still upset that my migraine prevented us from meeting up when you were in Madison :(

    She sure is adorable!

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